Davy Jones

The Monkees singer Davy Jones has named ‘Penny Lane’ by The Beatles as his Greatest Hit of all Time.

The Manchester-born singer was the only English member of the group, who starred in their own television show and released a string of hits in the 60's including ‘Daydream Believer’ and ‘I’m A Believer’.

Giving his reasons for choosing the Paul McCartney-penned track, Davy told us: “Because I never heard Paul McCartney play the French horn before. And also because The Beatles are my favourite group of all time.”

‘Penny Lane’ reached number 2 in the UK charts on its release in 1967 as a double A-side with ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’, a pairing the band’s producer George Martin thought constituted The Beatles’ best-ever single.

Jones first saw the band perform on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964, where he was appearing as a stage actor in a Broadway adaptation of ‘Oliver'. "I watched The Beatles from the side of the stage,” he said. “I saw the girls going crazy, and I said to myself, this is it, I want a piece of that.”

The Fab Four would later become the chief inspiration behind his own group, whom John Lennon once affectionately referred to as “the Marx Brothers of rock”.

The Monkees announced that they're reuniting for a UK tour in 2011, 45 years after they first got together.

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(22/04/2011 19:10:33)
I agree, the Monkees DESERVE to be in the R&R Hall of Fame. From what I understand, however, that's not likely to ever happen as long as Jann Wenner has anything to do with the Hall of Fame.

- John Small
(19/04/2011 00:45:49)
The Monkees were great but Paul did not play a French horn in it. That would be Dave Mason playing the Piccolo trumpet. Davy's right, he never heard Paul play a French horn in Penny Lane, lol.

- Robin
(15/04/2011 18:25:40)
As a big fan of both the Monkees and McCartney, I'm pleased with his choice, but sadly Davy doesn't know what he's talking about. The instrument featured on "Penny Lane" is a piccolo trumpet, not a French horn, and McCartney doesn't play it. It's David Mason, a prominent classical musician.

- Brett Alan
(15/04/2011 01:08:46)
The Beatles had great songs in the 60's which still stand up to this day. The Monkees will be in England in May for there 45th anniversary as well as the United States in June and July. Peter Tork is my favorite Monkee/Shoe Suede Blues performer and I would like him to be stress free and healthy while on tour.

- jane shields
(14/04/2011 22:51:47)
I think its a shame that the Monkees aren't in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Not only have they proved the power of music videos, Michael Nesmith was the one who came up with the consept of what is MTV. They may have started out as a TV show, but they evolved into a real band, who did play on their records, performed live, as well as wrote some great songs (The Girl I Knew Somewhere, Mary Mary, Randy Scouse Git, For Pete's Sake etc). 45 years later their songs are still played on the radio and sell out concerts all over. I got my tickets for their show in Niagara Falls. Unfortunately Mike won't be on this tour.

- Ronald K Munson
(14/04/2011 18:44:49)
Uh, Paul McCartney didn't play the French horn on "Penny Lane." And it wasn't a French horn, it was a type of piccolo. Geoff Emerick's outstanding book relates the story of how the classical musician from the BBC was brought in, nailed it on the first take and was asked by McCartney to try it again -- something of a faux pas in those days.

- Ed
(14/04/2011 18:41:03)
The Beatles are my favorite.,It was 10 years ago today that my husband and I were married at The Hard Days Nite Bed & Breakfast in Benton, Illinois.,And it was there we got to meet Louise Harrison, (George Harrisons sister).She was very nice to us.

- Diane
(14/04/2011 16:07:00)
Paul never played the french horn on that tune. George Martin hired David Mason to do that.

- Wrick

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