Actor Michael Sleggs from comedy show This Country reveals he is dying of cancer

31 May 2019, 14:20 | Updated: 31 May 2019, 19:33

Michael Sleggs, who is best-known for playing the character Slugs in TV comedy This Country, has revealed he is dying of cancer.

In a recent post on Facebook, he told fans he was "reaching the end of options" and had chosen palliative care at home.

He wrote: "No specific time limit has been given but deterioration has been fairly rapid.

"I've been sleeping a lot and narrowly dodged a coma by accidentally overdosing on morphine the other day. Anyway as you can imagine this isn't the ideal way I wished things to go and my family are dealing with a lot of grief.

"Just wanted to say I love everyone reading this status so much, you have all been such amazing, kind, caring people who have all touched my life in so many unique and incredible ways.

"Sorry if this status is too shmaltzy but not everyone has the chance to say goodbye so indulge me lol."

Sleggs, who is believed to be 33, added that his faith has brought him comfort and helped him accept what is happening to him.

He stars in Bafta-winning comedy This Country, a mockumentary that follows the village lives of cousins Kerry and Kurtan Mucklowe and their often mundane day-to-day activities, focusing on the social isolation facing young people who live in rural communities.

His character in This Country, Slugs, who is also diagnosed with terminal cancer, was based on Sleggs according to the writers, but he reportedly took a while to figure it out.

The news of Sleggs' illness also comes as he announced last summer that his autobiography has been picked up by a publisher and was set to be released soon.

His publishers said they are aiming to release the book later this year.

Sleggs was also diagnosed with heart failure in 2015, and made light of the illness in an Instagram post marking the third anniversary of his visit to hospital.

This Country stars and is written by Charlie and Daisy May Cooper, who are siblings in real life.

In a post on social media last year, Charlie Cooper posted a photo of the cast in rehearsals for a new series, including Sleggs.

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