Your Bowie Tributes

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What did David Bowie mean to you?

Let us know your thoughts as the music world mourns the passing of one of its greatest names.

Absolute God of music, you were my saviour years ago when I was a teenager,   I had a difficult time in my life and you gave me inspiration.  You dared to,go,where nobody else would and  I owe you,everything.  You,gave me the strength to believe. An   Absolute icon, a real true legend.  A true man.  Loved you for years and always will cherish your memory.thank you for you. from Kevin, London.         RIP.

He was a modern Mr Mozart  of our time, so glad i was alive to witness this complete Genius!! no one will be like him for many decades to come. Roy Williams

David Bowie expressed that anything was possible and that you could live outside the box. He was my teenage hero. Boz Challis

What a sad day for music. My favorites were Life on Mars, Jean Genie and Space Oddity but I love them all. He was one of the greats and will be sadly missed. RIP David x Hazel Williamson

Check ignition and may gods love be with you. R.I.P  a true legend and sadly missed. Malcolm Morris

Very sad he will be sadly missed  his music will live on a music legend. Favourite track is Modern Love. Adam Martin