Gold On DAB Digital Radio

Find out the changes taking place and how to enjoy Gold on your digital radio.

From noon on Wednesday September 26, we will be making some changes to Gold on our DAB Digital Radio frequency.

You will no longer be able to find Gold under our old names Capital Gold and Classic Gold. But don’t worry, we’ll still be there but only under our new name, Gold.

To enjoy Gold on DAB, simply go to Gold on your DAB Station Index.

If you can't find Gold, just hit Tune and/or Autotune and your DAB radio should find Gold for you and it to the menu.

If your DAB Radio currently says Capital Gold or Classic Gold, simply spin through the station list to G. Now find Gold and lock it into Preset 1 then you won't be caught out on Wednesday.

Gold in Digital Quality is also available via:

* Sky Channel 0121
* Virgin Media 959
* Tiscali 611
* Online at www.mygoldmusic.com

Click here for more info on listening to Gold


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