Ozzy Osbourne pays tribute to John Lennon

The Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne has paid tribute to John Lennon by covering 'How?'

The song featured on the number 1 album 'Imagine' and Ozzy Osbourne has recorded his own version of the track the week that John Lennon would have celebrated his 70th birthday.

The proceeds will go to Amnesty International.

You can watch the video right here.

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(08/10/2010 12:04:11)
I think the video is funny in a poignant way, as the onlookers look like they think he is John Lennon.?
I think it is great to show tribute like this as many people have not seen the John lennon tribute in New York.

- Jeni
(06/10/2010 17:34:04)
It's nice Ozzy wanted to pay tribute to one of 'The Gods'(The Beatles)and a genius, but to put it politely ... it's rubbish!!! The best bit was when he laid flowers on the Strawberry Fields Memorial!

- Amanda Godfrey

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