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Wish Cliff Richard a Happy 70th Birthday

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(14/10/2011 11:09:57)   Flag as inappropriate content
I would just like to wish my sir cliff a happy 70th birthday, he's brought so much pleasure to everyone with his music depite all the critics said about him he just rose above it all good on you cliff and really looking forward to his new album for my belated birthday which was the 11th just 3 days before cliff's,have a fantastic day and may you keep on rockin.my idol :) xxxxx

- Bev
(02/07/2011 17:40:01)   Flag as inappropriate content

Hey Cliff
Happy 70th birthday
Since its your birthday,can you grant me a
I want to go out on a date with you.
I am dead serious.
What say you?

- rosemary
(05/01/2011 21:08:39)   Flag as inappropriate content
Happy Birthday Cliff and thanks for all your great hits of the past and present.Have a good one and don't stop the songs.xxxxxxx
- janet pay
(17/10/2010 19:28:34)   Flag as inappropriate content
Hi Cliff, happy 70th Birthday, hope to meet you sometime
- Chris
(17/10/2010 13:34:37)   Flag as inappropriate content
Happy Birthday Cliff, thanks for many years of great music and seeing mne through tough times. love always xxxxxxx
- Tina Mayers
(16/10/2010 19:46:23)   Flag as inappropriate content
Happy 70th Birthday Sir Cliff you have been such a big part of our lives for so many years. I remember singing to and being sung to with your songs when I was a teenager some 52 years ago. Thank you for your music and for being you. Here's to many many more Happy Birthdays!! Congratulations!!!
- Maria Long
(16/10/2010 06:56:28)   Flag as inappropriate content
Happy Belated birthday Cliff. I still have a locket I got from jackie comic in the sixties with your face in it. I wish you many more to come. My first record I bought was "When the girl in your arms is the girl in your heart".
- Anne Pace

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