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Take control of the airwaves with your nightly requests and choose the music you want to hear. From smash hit singles to one hit wonders to rock anthems, send your requests to Gold Requests host Dean Martin who'll play out your favourite song.



Dean Martin Is Sworn In As A Freeman Of The City of London

Gold Radio DJ, Dean Martin, has been granted the privilege of being hung with a silken rope. But its doubtful whether Dean Martin who works for Gold Radio Network will take up the offer after being sworn in as a Freeman of the City of London at a Guildhall Ceremony on March 17th 2009.

Dean can now look forward to driving his sheep over London Bridge and digging up turf on Tower Green. He can also claim exemption from serving with the armed forces.

Dean said "I am delighted to receive this unusual honour. The City of London is a unique locality and I am determined to contribute what I can to life in the area".

Click here to view photos from the ceremony.

Gold Requests Call Of Fame

Gold Requests has fans in high places, with a number of star names calling in to get their favourite song played on the radio.

Listen to Dean chatting to comedian Ken Dodd, Noel Edmonds and singer Pete Doherty.


Listen to Ken Dodd on Gold Requests

Listen to Noel Edmonds on Gold Requests

Listen to Pete Doherty on Gold Requests 


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