Eamonn Kelly

Tune into Eamonn Kelly weekday afternoons from 1pm and Sunday's from 12pm for the Greatest Hits of all Time.

Find out Eamonn's top 5 things in music, including buying his first transistor radio and his love for one particular band...

Greatest Gig:
Seeing the Eagles at Wembley Stadium on a balmy summers evening in 1996. I got lucky as I managed to get seats three rows from the front!

Greatest album:
Hotel California by The Eagles (Are you beginning to see a theme developing?).

Greatest musical memory:
Buying my first transistor radio when I was nine back in 1974. I know it was '74 because I can remember listening to the new song by Terry Jacks called 'Seasons In The Sun'. I was sitting in the park with all my friends gathered around this wonderful palm sized green mono radio complete with strap!

Greatest band/singer:
Don Henley, especially singing Desperado or The Last Resort.

Greatest Hit of all Time:
I want to go way back for this... Moon River by Danny Williams. It always sends a shiver down my spine.

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